Wood Abt Maternity Session

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Discovering Surprises In Our New Home

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On October 10, 2014, I married my best friend. My husband Ben and I also moved into our first home together in Salisbury about that time as well and have since been discovering new things around town and our new home almost weekly. This week in particular, we learned that one of the trees in our yard (which we thought to be something quite ugly) turned out to be the most beautiful thing; a Kanzan Cherry Blossom Tree! we hadn't even noticed the nubs growing on it until one morning when we woke up, we found it in full bloom! Here's a little peak at our fresh discovery while we wait for the warmer temperatures to return!


Shirey-Hudson Engagement

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We had such perfect weather for this engagement session over the weekend! I had a great time working with this couple and can't wait to photograph their wedding day in October!




What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

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I'm often being asked what my couples should wear to their engagement session. Who can blame them? I'd be asking the same thing if I were in their shoes! So many clothes! So little time! So here's a little guide I've put together that I hope will help.

First and foremost, decide where you want to have your session. The location and setting of your session will determine the look and feel. For best results, the location should be somewhere that has meaning to you and your fiance'. It can be as deep and meaningful as the place you had your first date or got engaged, or even something more simplistic like you're both infused with a bit of country and like the rustic looks of the old barns. Other places you might like could be old downtown cities, or even a garden location or open field. Make sure to discuss the location of choice with your photographer ahead of time. We know the laws/rules/regulations of different locations, as well as time of day for lighting and any possible crowds for many of these locations and can help make it a smooth and easy session you'll be thrilled with.

Most Engagement Sessions tend last about 1-1.5 hours on average (but always plan for longer just in case), so there isn't a ton of time for a lot of clothing changes. I suggest that my clients bring with them 2 outfits. The first outfit being casual and the second being dressy. Let me explain.


  1. Outfit 1: The Casual, Natural Look of Love - This outfit is pretty straight forward. Keyword being CASUAL. Wear a nice pair of jeans and nice top. Something you might wear on a fun, casual date, or just a day shopping with your crew. Wear something you are not only comfortable in, but also know that you look good.

  2. Outfit 2: Dressed for a Romantic Night out - For the ladies, choose a dress (or skirt and blouse) that is form-fitting, but not too tight, and has some flow. Don't choose anything that's really short. For some poses you may be asked to sit...keep in mind that skirts and dresses ride up a little as you sit. For the guys, chose a suit you are comfortable in. Not a fan of suits? Try a pair of slacks, dress top and tie or bow tie. Perhaps a vest or suspenders are more your style? Go with it! Remember to keep it YOUR STYLE of Formal. If that means a pair of Converse instead of loafers or high heals, then let your personality shine!


Things to keep in mind when selecting your outfits:

  • Keep it true to your style. Wear something that is you and that you would wear again.
  • You don't HAVE to have a formal and a casual outfit. Those are just the two most popular and are there for a guide. If you're style is all casual, then have two sets of casual outfits.
  • Make sure you are comfortable and feel good in your clothes. (If you aren't and you don't, then it will show in your photos no matter what we photographers do.)
  • Coordinate your outfits. This doesn't mean you have to be matchy matchy. Just make sure the colors and patterns in your outfits coordinate with each other.
  • When selecting patterns, remember to keep them basic, nothing busy. Patterns are best when paired with a solid color.
  • The focus is more about your love for each other and less about your clothing. Keep it simple.
  • Accessorize! Hats, different necklaces and earrings, scarfs, sunglasses....it's all game! Guys and girls alike!
  • Don't be afraid of layers. Layering can be incredibly flattering in photos.
  • PROPS! Don't forget to bring some props you might want to use in your photos. Let's make this fun and totally YOU! We can't guarantee that all props will be used, however let us know if you bring anything that is of super importance to you and we will make sure it gets used.


Still need some help selecting your outfits? Check out my PINTEREST board full of outfits to inspire!

Congratulations Class of 2014!

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Congratulations class of 2014! It has been a long and sometimes difficult journey, but you have all come through it a stronger person. In honor of the Graduation of my beautiful friend (inside and out) Hannah, I've prepared this short video.


To the class of 2014, Congratulations and best wishes for a very bright future!!!


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