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      Bandage type
      Category:Industry news   Publish:2017-07-27 02:13:39   View:1225次 [Back]
      100% cotton plain, wrinkles, elastic bandage, urethane elastic bandage, PBT elastic bandage and cotton gauze bandage, adhesive plaster bandage selvage.

      Reel tape

      Also known as single band, cotton, gauze and stretch tape, three, according to different parts of the belt, the following names:

      The lead the band tail the belt body (scroll part) the inner surface (by volume side) of the outside (on the other side of the top 6 volumes), below, volume of export

      Double ended belt

      There are two heads, and their width and application method are approximately the same as those of the reel.

      Three Headband

      A triangle: made of cotton yarn, with long cotton with equal diagonal about 1 meters is cut into two pieces, namely large triangle, triangle as will be made from the top to the bottom line cut, can be split into two small triangle, and according to the different parts of the following the name: vertices, edges and points about its use, as most support, with suspension of hand and forearm. The strap for fixing the perineum dressings and improve the use of scrotum.

      Long band

      Commonly used are the following: 1: four with rectangular cotton or gauze from both ends of cut and made; the chest strap for dressing or fixed chest pressure increased; the bandage used to fixed abdominal dressing.

      Self-adhesive elastic bandage

      Description: self-adhesive elastic bandage made of pure cotton elastic nonwoven or spraying natural rubber compounding material beam, cut, external fixation and dressing for clinical use, also can be used in the movement of the wrist and ankle joint protection when used.

      Sports protective bandage

      Mainly for sports protection, medical bandage, medical and other fixed use of different areas, the use of imported medical glue, so that the fixation is not easy to fall off, there is strong flexibility and flexibility.

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