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Discovering Surprises In Our New Home On October 10, 2014, I married my best friend. My husband Ben and I also moved into our first home together in Salisbury about that time as well and have since been discovering new things around town and our new home almost weekly. This week in particular, we learned that one of the trees in our yard (which we thought to be something quite ugly) turned out to be the most beautiful thing; a Kanzan Cherry Blossom Tree! we hadn't even noticed the nubs growing on it until one morning when we woke up, we found it in full bloom! Here's a little peak at our fresh discovery while we wait for the warmer temperatures to return!


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Shirey-Hudson Engagement We had such perfect weather for this engagement session over the weekend! I had a great time working with this couple and can't wait to photograph their wedding day in October!




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What to Wear to Your Engagement Session I'm often being asked what my couples should wear to their engagement session. Who can blame them? I'd be asking the same thing if I were in their shoes! So many clothes! So little time! So here's a little guide I've put together that I hope will help.

First and foremost, decide where you want to have your session. The location and setting of your session will determine the look and feel. For best results, the location should be somewhere that has meaning to you and your fiance'. It can be as deep and meaningful as the place you had your first date or got engaged, or even something more simplistic like you're both infused with a bit of country and like the rustic looks of the old barns. Other places you might like could be old downtown cities, or even a garden location or open field. Make sure to discuss the location of choice with your photographer ahead of time. We know the laws/rules/regulations of different locations, as well as time of day for lighting and any possible crowds for many of these locations and can help make it a smooth and easy session you'll be thrilled with.

Most Engagement Sessions tend last about 1-1.5 hours on average (but always plan for longer just in case), so there isn't a ton of time for a lot of clothing changes. I suggest that my clients bring with them 2 outfits. The first outfit being casual and the second being dressy. Let me explain.


  1. Outfit 1: The Casual, Natural Look of Love - This outfit is pretty straight forward. Keyword being CASUAL. Wear a nice pair of jeans and nice top. Something you might wear on a fun, casual date, or just a day shopping with your crew. Wear something you are not only comfortable in, but also know that you look good.

  2. Outfit 2: Dressed for a Romantic Night out - For the ladies, choose a dress (or skirt and blouse) that is form-fitting, but not too tight, and has some flow. Don't choose anything that's really short. For some poses you may be asked to sit...keep in mind that skirts and dresses ride up a little as you sit. For the guys, chose a suit you are comfortable in. Not a fan of suits? Try a pair of slacks, dress top and tie or bow tie. Perhaps a vest or suspenders are more your style? Go with it! Remember to keep it YOUR STYLE of Formal. If that means a pair of Converse instead of loafers or high heals, then let your personality shine!


Things to keep in mind when selecting your outfits:

  • Keep it true to your style. Wear something that is you and that you would wear again.
  • You don't HAVE to have a formal and a casual outfit. Those are just the two most popular and are there for a guide. If you're style is all casual, then have two sets of casual outfits.
  • Make sure you are comfortable and feel good in your clothes. (If you aren't and you don't, then it will show in your photos no matter what we photographers do.)
  • Coordinate your outfits. This doesn't mean you have to be matchy matchy. Just make sure the colors and patterns in your outfits coordinate with each other.
  • When selecting patterns, remember to keep them basic, nothing busy. Patterns are best when paired with a solid color.
  • The focus is more about your love for each other and less about your clothing. Keep it simple.
  • Accessorize! Hats, different necklaces and earrings, scarfs,'s all game! Guys and girls alike!
  • Don't be afraid of layers. Layering can be incredibly flattering in photos.
  • PROPS! Don't forget to bring some props you might want to use in your photos. Let's make this fun and totally YOU! We can't guarantee that all props will be used, however let us know if you bring anything that is of super importance to you and we will make sure it gets used.


Still need some help selecting your outfits? Check out my PINTEREST board full of outfits to inspire!

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Congratulations Class of 2014! Congratulations class of 2014! It has been a long and sometimes difficult journey, but you have all come through it a stronger person. In honor of the Graduation of my beautiful friend (inside and out) Hannah, I've prepared this short video.


To the class of 2014, Congratulations and best wishes for a very bright future!!!


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Cake Lust           We've all been there. We see something really cool and creative, but lack the craftiness and know-how to do it ourselves (or in many cases...the time). Welcome to Pinterest....the site that not only shows us the awesome results of these craft projects, but also can lead us to the proper instructions (most of the time).

          It was around late April of 2012 when I first caught wind of it...that infamous cake covered in fondant, shaped like a DSLR Camera. As cheesy as it may sound to some, I knew I HAD to have it. With my birthday right around the corner, there wasn't enough time to learn and plan how to make it without it becoming one of those lovely Pintrocities; Pinterest ideas gone wrong. So I waited; ever so patiently for my time.

          Forward to just a month ago; mid April, 2013. Almost a year had passed since I'd first seen that DSLR cake, and I still wanted it just as badly as the day I discovered it. A specialized cake is not something I'd grown up with. Granted I had a wonderful neighbor who could make delicious cakes and had the imagination it took to make some really neat looking ones; however I no longer live near enough to her to ask for such a delicious treat. Well, I was about to turn 30, and while I had known I wanted this cake for nearly a year already, time was most certainly not on my side to learn how to make it myself.

          Welcome Cake Art of Salisbury. I contacted Susan of Cake Art just a few weeks prior to my 30th birthday with my wishlist for the cake; including photo examples to give her a starting point. I told her I wanted a round base, yellow cake with a DSLR shaped cake on top; the number 30 in the lens, and buttercream frosting. While those were my main focus points and I wanted to give her and the rest of her artists the freedom of creativity, I also gave them color and pattern ideas I liked to give her direction. The rest was up to her on how she wanted design the rest of the cake.

          Fast forward to Friday, May 17th, 2013; my 30th birthday. When I stopped by to pick up my finished cake, it was love at first sight. Not only had Susan and her crew created a wonderful looking DSLR cake, but they decorated the rest of the cake in a way that was so fitting to myself and my personality. Just take a look for yourself!


30th Birthday Cake By Cake Art of Salisbury

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Ann and Curtis Are Wed! Ann & Curtis were married at the Semper Fidelis Chapel at the National Museum of the Marine Corps on May 5th, 2013. The day began with mostly cloudy skies, but turned to mostly sunny by the time the Ceremony was ready to begin. The mostly glass walls of the small, simple chapel gleamed with pride as the sun shone through them, illuminating the Bride and Groom as they lovingly looked into each other's eyes; two lives becoming one.



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New Product Announcement: Slideshow Highlights           Today, I am pleased to be able to announce a great new product! After multiple requests for this item, we are so glad to be able to offer DVD playable Slideshows of highlights from your Wedding Day or event photos. Looking for a DVD playable slideshow of your portrait photos? We can do that too!

          Check out the sample wedding day highlights below, then scroll down to find out how you can get one of these for yourself!



Q: How much does it cost?
A: Regular price for these DVDs are $200 for weddings, $150 for portraits. Additional copies can be purchased for $50 each. (plus tax)


Q: What if I want to order a large quantity?
A: Discounts are available for large orders. Please use the Contact form to inquire about specialized pricing.


Q: How are they made?
A: Our photographers will hand select photos that we believe best highlight your wedding/event/portraits for your slideshow, as well as the music that will go along with your photos.


Q: When can I place my order?
A: Anytime you'd like! Just use the Contact form to send us your request. Please include the date of the event (or at least the month/year in which it took place) for easier finding.


Q: How can I pay for my order?
A: Once your order is received and confirmed, I will send you an invoice for the order. You can pay by Credit Card or Check. We will begin working on designing your slideshow once your payment has been received.


Q: When will I receive my order?
A: Your order will be mailed to you approximately one week after receipt of payment.

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Launching Gift Certificates! This morning we made a really exciting announcement on our Facebook Page. We have launched a page on our website where you can go to purchase gift certificates online to Patricia-Jean Photography. You have the option to send them with a personalized note, along with them being sent directly to your recipient! All Gift Certificates will be mailed first class, FREE of charge!



You can access the page via this link, or by placing your mouse over "Gifts" in the upper right corner, and clicking "Gift Certificates." You can access our Gift Certificates page this way from any page on our website.

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A Greenwell Wedding On Saturday, June 9th 2012, I was blessed to be a witness to the wonderful Match-Made-In-Heaven Wedding of Krista Terry and John Greenwell. Such a super sweet couple who obviously don't take anything for granted. From the time I arrived, through the end of the day, they shared their thanks with me for being there to capture the memories of their special day. It was a true blessing for me to be there to capture the emotions, details, and events throughout the day.



Special thanks to all the other awesome vendors who were a pleasure to work with.


Ceremony: Cannon Mennonite Church of Bridgeville, DE.

DJ: Gene Beebe of Top Hat Entertainment of Greenwood, DE. He kept me up to date throughout the Reception, and had a wonderful flow to the music selections.

Reception Location: Bridgeville Banquet Center (Next to Jimmy's Grille in Bridgeville, DE)

Reception Catered by: Jimmy's Grille in Bridgeville, DE. They served up a delicious, hot Buffet that warmed the soul.

Cake: Paula's Place For Cakes in Greenwood, DE.

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Margot & TJ Married! I'm pleased to present Margot and TJ; a wonderfully animated and very loving couple who recently got married this past Saturday at Mayo Beach in Mayo, MD! It was a beautiful day filled with laughter, excitement, and of course....everlasting love! Congratulations Margot and TJ! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day!


Margot & TJ Married

A big thanks also to Event Planner Colleen of O'Neil Events for being so wonderful to work with!

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